We Are Back Online

By Michel, 14.07.2015 22:36:00

Dear Friends from all over the world,

we are happy. But first comes the biggest thank you that we can send to you: Thank you all so much for supporting us, thank you for being patient. Thank you for being there for us with help, critique, knowledge, thoughts, equipment, time and love. Thank you for listening to our music, for liking and following our channels on youtube, instagram and facebook. Thank you for supporting us by buying shirts, bags, CDs, downloading the music or listening to it online. Thank you for coming to our concerts or checking out our stuff from the other side of the world. We love you and your support means so much to us. Only with and through you all this is possible.

We are happy to announce that the new website just went online! We love the design and we spent ages just wondering and clicking around on it! As you know we are one only musicians and it took a while until we learned how to edit and add new content but here is the outcome: All the content is edited by Fabrice and Michel, all texts we post from tours or gigs come directly from our thoughts and we would love to talk to you about everything that's going on! So take a minute, sit down, open a drink and take a little journey over the website. We prepared pictures, videos, stories and thoughts for you and we will update them frequently. 

Thanks again guys, we love you. welcome to this website and special thanks to Andreas Wagner for the programming and design of this beautiful website. We really appreciate it! And thanks to A. Jay Hale from Hale Graphik for the graphics, album covers, prints and flyers.

Peace out, and don't forget:

We love you!