Promotion and Team work

By Michel, 15.08.2015 21:27:00


Some of you have already contacted us and asked if there is any way to help and support us. And besides listening to our music at home and at our gigs there actually is a beautiful way :) We have played many gigs so far and some of the best and coolest gigs we played, because we knew one of you guys. You invited us or promoted us to people and events where you would like us to play. 

We really appreciate it! And now we would like to give you a little tool that we use as well to promote our music: It's just the simple website like link that we use as well to contact managements and events that don't already know us. Feel free to send this link anywhere, when you introduce us to friends and hosts or organizers!

Of course feel free to read through it, if you like! But you will see: It's mainly stuff you already know, hard facts and music samples - our diary section is way more interesting :) We prepared one little easter egg for you guys who are checking it out: The two upcoming singles, still officially unreleased are online on this epk! Check it out!

We love you guys. thank you for all the support and stay tuned!