The Open Air Season Has Kicked Off!

By Michel, 15.05.2016 20:59:17

This is such a lovely weekend. Summer is coming and we celebrated this with first open air street gig.

Thanks to eveyone who was there and spent a couple of minutes listening to our music! It was magical! We also have tested a new little set up with new car battaries, speakers and instruments and we are now ready to play spontaniously whenever we have a free afternoon :-) Hopefully we can also visit many cities this summer. We want to visit you guys all over Europe! So if you have a lovely park or a cool spot in your city where we could play and chill with you, let us know in a comment or an email!

It's so much fun to also perform all of our new songs, we can't wait to play in Columbiahalle! If you'd like to come just send us a message!

Love and peace