Move Your Bums To Columbiahalle on June 4th :-)

By Michel, 15.05.2016 21:16:57

Only three weeks left! We can't wait to present the new music to you guys. Thanks for all the support and the patience. As many of you know this we give the tickets for the release party in the Columbiahalle Berlin on June 4th 2016 away for nothing. This is possible thanks to Sherman Noir & The Highway Surfers who organised this event and who will also release his new Album 'The Sunset Beach Decade' there. This means that you all have the unique chance to experience a double release concert in this night!

We would love to see you there. Many of you have already gotten Tickets. There are still some Tickets left and if you need one or two for yourself and your friends, just let us know. We might be able to play one more spontanious street concert where you can meet us and get your tickets. Just send us an email and we'll reserve them. If you are not sure whether you can make it to the open air gig, then text us anyways, I'm sure that we'll find a way to give you the tickets.

For now we will go back to the rehearsing room and prepare a show for you that you wouldn't want to miss!

Love and peace,