Once more, dear friends, welcome! Welcome to the new website. We love it, because we love writing about what we do and just share some thoughts with you, we love to tell you news, post pictures and also write silly and weird stuff sometimes!

We chose to not move the old texts and diary to this new website, because it is simply time to start it from scratch again. All the old stories were lovely and are lovely memories and I'm sure that at some point we will share some of them with you. But for now we want them to stay memories. With our upcoming new album, the new live performance and we are so looking forward to the future and this website is part of this feeling! By the way, Fabrice has written a beautiful song 'New Sun' for the new album, and it's exactly about this feeling, starting all over again and letting old things be old things.

The new website has all the features of the old page. We've got sections about the tour gigs, the band bio, a site with all the media, press texts and press pictures. If you want to introduce us to a friend or a collegue maybe, feel free to send them a link of one of these pages/sections. If somebody is interested in booking us, you can also send them a link of our electronic press kit: www.theemmaproject.net/epk or www.theemmaproject.net/epk-en

The best thing is, that there is two sections for our little blog: One is the Diary page for all of our little thoughts and ideas that we want to share with you about stuff that's in our minds. The News page is more for the hard facts and events that we want you to know. So actually this text belongs more in the diary section, so you can see that I still have to learn a little about organising these blogs ;-)

For now: Thanks for visiting this webpage, take a little journey and enjoy!

Love and peace