This week we we're live on air with three songs from our new album at Jürgen Jürgen's Radio Show 'Hey Music' at Radio Berlin 88.8. We had a lot of fun talking about the new album and seleting tracks with him that we could play on the show and our music has made it into the 'Hey Music'-Charts. Thanks so much Jürgen Jürgens for having us on the show! We also talked about our tour through Europe last summer and the plans to continue that tour in this summer. Of course we also brought tickets for the record release party on June 4th. Radio 88.8 will give 10x2 Tickets away to fans who call during the show! Check out the website link to learn how to win the tickets.

And here is where you can vote for our music. Just select The Emma Project and give us a vote :-) thank you so much for your support! If we get voted in the top list, our music stays in the Radio Berlin 88.8 charts and will air all over Berlin and Brandenburg for the next weeks!

Thanks again and enjoy! We love you.

Cheers, Michel