Mai 17, 2016
We need your help! Vote for our music in Radio 88.8's 'Hey Music'-Charts to get us listed No.1 in Berlin! We'd really appreciate it! Read this article to hear what we talked about in the show with the host Jürgen Jürgens.
Mai 15, 2016
Here's some more words about this website, what's new and what you can expore here. Take a little journey and enjoy yourselves. The best part is the music player that keeps playing music while you navigate though our diary or tour dates. Enjoy!
Mai 10, 2016

Friends! Check out this video where we tell you about all the upcoming plans we have. First of all: Our debut album ‘Years’ will release on June 4th 2016 with a release party in Berlin Columbiahalle - the biggest and best gig we ever played in or lifes! And the best part: The concert is absolutely free!